The Voice Season 21 Recap Episode 23

The Voice

The Voice semi-finals have begun and all the 8 finalists are ready to show their talents one last time. The four-team leaders Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shelton, and John Legend are ready to pick the suitable music for his or her group.

December 5, 2021, is the date where the final of The Voice will take place. Who will make it to High 5? That is in your hands since the voting is open now.

In this article, we will see the recap of episode 23 of The Voice season 21. To know what happened in episode 23 of The Voice stay connected.

The Voice Season 21 Recap of Episode 23: High 8 of The Voice Travel Back to the 1990s

The Semi-finale of The Voice has begun and the High 8 are ready to give their best. The remaining singers performed solo acts as well as duets on the 90s theme.

The main headlight of episode 23 of The Voice season 21 was 90s music. The contestants other than High 8 performed duet on 90s theme music.

Now we have to see who will make to High 5 and will win the show.

Voting lines are open!

The Voice Season 21 Episode 23 Spoiler

Alert ahead! In this article, you will see the spoiler for episode 23 of The Voice Season 21.

A father-son duo, Jim and Sasha Allen opened the evening with Mrs. Simon andamp: Garfunkel.

Sasha Allen revealed that Ariana spent hours choosing the right song, demonstrating her dedication as a coach.

Amongst all this, John Legend slightly complicated the song selection. John also said that he enjoyed seeing Jim and Sasha look at ease on the stage.

Ariana praised their performance so much and said that it was infectious and nostalgic. While Kelly also praised the harmonies.

There was so much in the episode, to know more, stay connected!


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