YouTuber from Bihar earned over Rs 15 lakh on ‘fake’ videos of Sushant Singh Rajput

A Bihar-based YouTuber has been blamed for conveying ‘ fake stories‘ on the passing of Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Investigating in the issue have uncovered that the man supposedly earned over Rs 15 lakh in the range of four months from his video content transferred on the site.

Rashid Siddiqui, a 25-year-old civil engineer from Bihar, who possesses the channel ‘FF News’, has been accused of “defamation, public underhandedness, and deliberate affront,” expresses a report on Mid-Day. Posts against Mumbai police, Maharashtra government, serve Aaditya Thackeray and actor Akshay Kumar supposedly got lakhs of hits on the site.

                                           Sushant Singh Rajput

YouTuber from Bihar earned over Rs 15 lakh on 'fake' videos

The report further expresses that Siddiqui’s underlying posts on Rajput’s passing were generally seen, and he proceeded to share all the more such substance that got him an expected income of R6.5 lakh in September.The accused also saw a boost in subscribers to his YouTube channel. Reports state that he had about 2 lakh subscribers before Rajput’s death and now has over 3.70 lakh subscribers.

A senior IPS official said in an explanation that the entertainer’s demise was utilized as an “occasion to bring in cash” as individuals were interested about the situation. Repudiating reports supposedly provoked YouTubers to post fake content.

Sushant was discovered dead at his Bandra residenceon June 14. The Central Bureau of Investigation is as yet testing the reason for his end.

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