Who was Suzanne mills? From Trinidad Found dead, former Newsday editor

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According to people who knows Suzanne Mills said that she was fair-minded girl and cared for those who worked with her. 

Suzanne mills was 59 Years old.

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Suzanne was suffering with bedevilled with bipolar illness she wrote about her illness in her newspaper column in her last years.

Her body was found at her home  at Aquamarine Drive, Diamond Vale home on 14th August 2022 after six days anyone had last seen her.

She worked at the Newsday newspaper from 2002-2009. she was former editor in chief at the Newsday. 

She of the late Therese Mills, who was the primary editor-in-chief of the newspaper Newsday.

Her mom was a journalist from Trinidad and Tobago. She was the primary feminine chief editor of the newspaper and also she was CEO till she died at 85 years earlier. 

According to reports her illness is the reason of her sudden death at such an young age.