Who was Nahel M, shot by French police in Nanterre?

He was learning to be an electrician and played rugby league but died at a police check near Paris.

Who was Nahel M

Nahel M (Born: 2006; Died: 27 June 2023) was a 17-year-old boy 

He was killed by a police officer on 27 June 2023 following a refusal to comply in Nanterre  

Death of Nahel

He praised the teenager's "exemplary attitude", a far cry from what he condemned as a character assassination of him painted on social media. 

Nahel Origine Parents

Nahel was an only child to his mother, so he leaves behind a totally devastated mother. 

The local prosecutor gave a statement that says the officer involved had been put under formal inquiry for voluntary homicide. 

The arrested police officer's lawyer, speaking on French TV channel BFMTV, said the officer was sorry and "devastated."