Actor Vijaykumar's daughter alleged her father for threatening to destroy her career


Arthana Binu accuses father of threatening her On Tuesday 


Arthana Binu, shared a video where the actor can be seen abusing the family and then escaping by jumping over the boundary wall.


Arthana Binu is posting this because, despite the fact that we called the police station for assistance at around 9:45 am, nobody has yet to act. My biological father Vijayakumar, who is also an actor in Malayalam films, is the person in the video.


She mentioned how despite alerting the police, no action was taken for a long time.


Arthana Binu along with her mother and younger sister have been living with her maternal grandmother, who is over 85 years of age.


Arthana shared that multiple cases have been filed against Vijayakumar for creating ruckus at her workplace