Owen Hart He was intended to be lowered below the ring, but instead, Owen plummeted 78 feet to his tragic death at the age of 34

Perro Aguayo Jr Perro performing in a wrestling match on March 20, 2015, Aguayo died almost instantly from cardiac arrest after fracturing three vertebrae

Iron Mike DiBiase He died in the ring on 2nd July 1969, in Lubbock, Texas, after losing to Man Mountain Mike

Mitsuharu Misawa He died from a cervical spinal cord injury caused cardiac arrest

Moondog Spot The fight came to an astonishing, awful, and sad end when the 51-year-old celebrity suffered a heart attack inside the ring

Gary Albright Gary Albright passed away shortly after being taken out of the ring

Oro Oro had brain damage after the accident and died before being taken to a waiting ambulance

Jeanette Wolfe Her cause of death was a brain hemorrhage

Plum Mariko Mariko was claimed to have suffered head injuries and a brain abscess, which may have contributed to the fatal head trauma

Brian Ong He died after receiving a flapjack wrestling move from Singh

Emilio Charles Jr Emilio Charles Jr. was a popular Mexican wrestler who died in the ring on October 15, 2012. Charles was taking part in a tag team match when he suddenly collapsed in the ring. 

Masakazu Fukuda Masakazu Fukuda was a Japanese wrestler who died in the ring on December 12, 2000 

Larry Cameron  Larry Cameron was a Canadian wrestler who died in the ring on July 13, 1993.