Sussanne Khan Birthday Gift : Hrithik Roshan Ex-Wife Sussanne Khan Celebrate 49th Birthday


Sussanne Khan Birthday : Sussanne shared a shocking photograph of himself on Instagram yesterday on the event of his 49th birthday celebration. While wishes and awards were pouring in from all sides, it was her ex Hrithik Roshan’s remark that grabbed our eye.

Highlight :

  • Sussanne Khan shared a shocking image of herself on Instagram.
  • Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan share a great bond.
  • Ex-husband Hrithik Roshan’s comment that grabbed our attention on Instagram.

Sussanne Khan took to her Instagram record to share an image of herself resembling a beam of daylight in her dazzling yellow outfit. Hrithik Roshan is intrigued by his ex Sussanne Khan’s Birthday Look: Seasons of India. Suzanne Khan took to her Instagram record to share an image of herself resembling a beam of daylight in her shocking yellow outfit.

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With the picture, he stated: “Thank you for dear life for giving me the best chances, the best generosity, the best direction, and above all, the best individual who encompasses me with my adoration.” My Suraj Ocher birthday dress is from our own @thelabellife. I am generally appreciative on this birthday that the universe has favored me. “All that we believe is the outcome” — Buddha. Work with your heart, to offer back to people around you, think with graciousness and nothing will prevent you from demonstrating your direction “. Sussanne Khan Birthday; Hritik says.

Sussanne Khan Birthday

Remarking on the post, Hrithik stated: “I love it”, trailed by a 100-sign emoticon. He at that point sent Huggs, when he wished Sussanne Khan Birthday “upbeatable B’day”.

Even after the methods of bidai, Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Khan actually share an incredible bond with one another. Both continue bringing up their two kids: Hrehaan and Hridhaan.

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