Sushmita Sen Love Story ” The reason for the touch screen phone ” Sushmita Sen Birthday


Actress Sushmita Sen Love Story : Sushmita Sen is in the best period of life. She regularly expresses gratitude toward God for this. She is joined by his affection and 2 flawless girls. On his birthday, know how Rohman Shawl came into his life.

Sushmita Sen Birthday :

Sushmita Sen Birthday

The matching of Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shaul is adorable. Individuals give instances of their adoration. Be that as it may, when his romantic tale came before individuals, it was talked about a ton.

Sushmita Sen Love Story :

One purpose behind this was their edge-hole. Rohman is 15 years more youthful than Sushmita. Nonetheless, the science between the two never lets you understand this.


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On Sushmita Sen’s birthday (19 November), know how her romantic tale began.

Romantic Story on Instagram :

Many accept that Rohman and Sushmita’s romantic story began during the style show. Notwithstanding, Sushmita has told in a meeting how her romantic tale began in light of the touch screen telephone.

Sushmita Sen's birthday

Sushmita had informed that Rohman DM her on Instagram. Sushmita didn’t check messages since she imagined that by checking messages, individuals would get authorization to collaborate with them. Sushmita had a few DMs collected and she would not check them.

Message opened because of touch screen telephone :

She advised that because of the touch screen telephone she incidentally arrived at the DM and began checking. While looking over, he saw the message of Rohman and Sushmita began talking with him.


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She at that point acknowledged what he had done and ought not have done. Sushmita told that she discovered Rohman eager. After this he informed, thank you, your message filled my heart with joy (Sushmita Sen Love Story).

Wish you satisfaction everywhere on the world. Rohman is glad to see Sushmita’s answer. He informed and expressed, “I am hopping starting with one room then onto the next, not certain that you have responded to me.”

Rohman had hidden his age in the beginning :

Sushmita was then leaving the US. Bit by bit the kinship between the two developed. At the point when Sushmita returned after this, she offered to play football – Sushmita Sen Love Story.

She says that when she initially met Rohman, it appeared to be that she had known him for a lifetime. Interestingly, Rohman at first concealed his age from Sushmita.

Yet, presently she accepts that Rohman is extremely canny and doesn’t attach things to conditions.

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