Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Education, Photos & More

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Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Wiki

Soborno Isaac Bari is the youngest professor globally and people knew him as an Einstein of our time. He is an 9-Year old professor who is a Bengali-American prodigy. He wrote a book that aims to spread happiness and peace. In this article, You can read all the details of Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Education, Photos & More.

How he become Soborno Isaac Bari?

Bari started speaking when he was just 6 months. By the time he was 2 years old, he was able to solve Maths, Physics, and chemistry problems. He was interviewed in Voice of America. Soborno Bari is the youngest professor worldwide Soborno is given the title of “Issac” after the famous scientist SIR ISSAC NEWTON. later his name becomes "Soborno Isaac Bari".

Soborno Isaac Bari Harvard University 

Soborno got 2 letters from the Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, Dr. Louise Richardson, and President Faust. These letters were historic as Harvard is the most prestigious University in the world where there is a 5 % Acceptance rate and Soborno was just 6 at that time.

Soborno Isaac Bari Harvard University

Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Wiki

Soborno Isaac Bari was born on 9th April 2012. He is 9 years old. He did his school studies at New York School. Soborno's father’s name is Rashidul Bari. He is also a Mathematician. His mother’s name is Shaheda Bari. He has written a book named “The Love”. Isaac Bari is the youngest professor globally and people have known him as an Einstein of our time. He is an 8-Year old professor who is a Bengali-American prodigy.

Wiki, Bio

Real/Full Name Soborno Isaac Bari
Profession/Occupation the youngest professor globally
Nickname Soborno Bari
Famous For An 8-Year old professor who is a Bengali-American Prodigy
Age 9 years 
Date Of Birth/Birthday 9th April 2012
Mother Tongue Bengali
Zodiac/Sun Sign Capricorn
Nationality American
Birth Place New York
Residence New York
Marital Status Un-Married
Relationship Status Not Known
Children Not Known
School Name New York School
College Name Not Known
Educational Qualification Not Yet
Net Worth $3 Million
Salary Not known

Soborno Isaac Bari Get Global Child Prodigy Award

Global Child Prodigy award is the only organization to recognize talents from globally. The GCP Awards recognized talents like painting, modeling, writing, social work, music, and more. He received the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020.

Soborno Isaac Bari Get Global Child Prodigy Award

Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Wiki

Soborno was born on 9th April 2012 in New York. He has a mixed ethnicity and holds American nationality. He did his school studies at New York School. Isaac Bari is the youngest professor globally and people knew him as an Einstein of our time.

Soborno Isaac Bari Parents

Soborno's father’s name is Rashidul Bari. He is also a Mathematician. He teaches at Bronx Community College. His mother’s name is Shaheda Bari.

Soborno Isaac Bari Parents

Soborno Isaac Bari religion

He is a Muslim and he is basically from Bangladesh. 

Soborno Isaac Bari Book

This book is about Soborno which is written by himself. To read Click here

Age, Height, Weight

Soborno was born on 9th April 2012. As of 2021, He is 9 Years old. His height is 4 feet and 1 inch and his weight is approx 30 to 40kgs.


Soborno Isaac Bari Nobel Prize

He has been nominated for Noble Prize as he received Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020.


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52 thoughts on “Soborno Isaac Bari Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Education, Photos & More

  1. In India everything is possible. This child is much talented but being a professor the age criteria must be followed with higher degree. Uska to bachpan hi chhhina ja raha h…abhi uske khelne kudne k din h…

      1. Bahaut dukh hota hai dohari mamsikta pe logo ki agar baccha padhai se related apna naam kam umra me banata hai to log kahte hai ki uska bachpan chin gaya aur jab as a player as a dancer as a child artist naam kamata hai to uske talent ki sarahna karte hai kya wo kam asan hai nahi vo bache padhai se jyada mehnat karte hai. Mere hisab se baccha jo kare use usme khush hona chahiye.

      1. Indian subcontinent, that is. Deny however hard you want, culture is same, Indian. Please mark my word, I say Indian. No need to mistake it as Hindu. Yes, Hindu part of Indian culture is overshadowing.

      1. Why do you think it isn’t his choice?
        A guy as smart as he is, would like to take his own decisions. A professor may be a stepping stone to achieve something greater.
        FYI- he is from Bangladesh. But that doesnt matter actually.

    1. He is unique and belongs to Bangladesh
      if he is exceptional then what we can do, what what you want to do

    2. He is bangladeshi for kind information everything is depend on intrest either play zone or study zone
      We should respect of them it’s a god gifted

      1. He is bengali born in Bangladesh he is bengali american he is indian can u read properly

    3. You are 100% write . my friend son also same he is around 8 year and solve jee advance level question ……. Itself his father for save his bachpan job kabhi vapas nah aayega …..

    4. Please don’t conffuse him with a bengali from India. He is of Bangladeshi origin!

    5. FYI, he is not originally from India, but Bangladesh. Yes that very country that you people detested and considered a nation of termites. No wonder, GDP growth rate of Bangladesh has now overtaken that of India, while we continue to play the Hindu-Muslim hate game.

  2. “I’m jealous because it’s not me also because the kid is not an Indian” vibes

    1. You felt jealous of him for not being an Indian? Do you mean that every talented ones must be from India only? Ridiculous! Think out of India!

      1. I feel we should appreciate his talent. What religion or what region from should not mean a lot.

      2. Come on! That one was meant for flattery. Him and his nation as well.

  3. Wish the child well..
    Hope he has a life away from all the hype that comes with the recitation, the award.
    One correction, April 9 born is not a Capricornian.
    Kindly check.

      1. Name : Suborno means gold. This is Bengali accent . Father : Rashidul Bari . Mother : Shaheda Bari . Both are Muslim by religion . I couldn’t understand their why they name their child Suborno of Hindu accent ? Can anyone clarify it ?

        1. You are asking why he doesnt have an Arab Muslim name? Probably for the same reason Hindus can have names like Bobby Sharma. How does religion figure into all this? Does it matter what religion he was born into?


    1. Mostly all muslims only good In spreading terrorism and love to blast themselves . 1 muslim out of 10000000 piglets, is somehow can be called human

      1. Mangel,
        What can I say about your judgment about Muslim!!!
        Your poor, immature and frighteningly conflicted observation frightened common people like us. I’m not
        Here to correct you, however,
        I must welcome you to our
        Human race.
        Religion is an inherited faith. So
        Please learn to respect others
        Although if you don’t believe in
        That school of faith.
        Not that I care but you have lot to before you come into any
        Conflicting conclusion.
        You clearly are representing
        A religion unlike billions!!!
        Unfortunately, you didn’t realise,
        You earned a great deal of
        Disrespect in you savings.
        Enjoy rest of your life with

  5. Great to know about him. Bangladesh must be very proud of him.
    A genius indeed..

  6. To him, this might probably be his khelna kudna. Look at his interviews, seems that he enjoys it.

  7. I feel personally that this is all happening according to the Bible….these all are just beginning symbols…there are many things to watch..I am a Hindu but I use to read the Bible oftenly…u will get all the answers of future through Bible script….

    1. If you don’t know anything about Islam or other religions so don’t give your own ugly remarks If you read Quran you will know all expects of nature and by the way he is a talented human being if he would be a Hindu or Indian we will gave the same appreciation and well beings for his bright future

  8. U filthy witch talking shit about islam do you even believe in god you worship cow saying it’s a god an animal which dont have sense i dont think you have brain sure uthink with your anus i feel sorry for people like you truly lost

  9. So much hatred against one community, did u forget your forefathers were servants of muslims but muslims never treated them as servants and ruled with justice, if muslims didnt spread peace and love and if they spread hatred like u then even today there are more hindus in india not muslims, even after ruling 1000 years they never talked about all this rubbish and never made muslim forcefully like people like your mentality guys do Think once

  10. It is rather unfortunate that educated people are discussing the religion and nationality while they should appreciate Soborno’s achievement as a child prodigi. May good sense prevail. Let us think positively and not spoil good things with politics .

  11. A very huge achievement to receive such a huge title “Isaac”
    after one of the greatest scientists Sir Isaac Newton……really proud of the little guy……if we where in his shoes I don’t think we would solve half the stuff he solves……he is truly a sweet and great champ……😘😊🙌
    If people criticize such a small kid about being a Bangladeshi…..then I guess your kids shouldn’t be learning physics ,chemistry or math cause the great Albert Einstein too was of a German background……No one criticized him….why…..?
    Cause he created the atomic bomb for the Americans …….that’s great, mock a small child and praise a renowned scientist ……that’s really great u guys…..😥😒
    He should be an inspiration for us and for our children to learn something new…..not a joke…..

    1. What happened to Newton’s Laws? Swallowed by the black hole? Perhaps he should have another middle name? Stephen? Adam? Zeus? Vidyasagar?

  12. 1. Our comments and wishes have no bearing on such a wonderful child. The Supreme of the world shall take care of him.
    2. Let us not comment on his nation, origin or religion. He is beyond the universe..

  13. I, Soborno Isaac Bari, was born in New York on April 9, 2012. Please fix this error.

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