Salvador Ramos Mental Illness, Mass Shooters & 19 Children Killed in Texas Elementary School Shooting

Salvador Ramos Mental Illness

Salvador Ramos Mental Illness:- Salvador Ramos was a native of Texas who was 18 yeras old boy. He is being in the headlines because of killing 19 kids and two teachers at a Texas Elementary school. He killed 21 people by shooting them. He was killed by the police agent.

Here we discuss, Salvador Ramos Mental Illness. Who was Salvador Ramos Mass Shooter?

Salvador Ramos Mental Illness

Salvador Ramos killed 19 kids and two adults in the shooting. This type of behavior is beyond typical mental health cases according to Dr. Cooper. She calls it an extreme scenario. Dr. Cooper said,

“Sometimes it’s a vendetta. It’s revenge against teachers that you had when you were in the 1st grade, who didn’t treat you right. It could be peers that teased or bullied you and now you want to seek revenge on the context or the environment in which that happened.”

In this article, you can get all the details of Salvador Ramos Mental Illness, Mass Shooters & 19 Children Killed in Texas Elementary School Shooting. 

Salvador Ramos Mass Shooter

Salvador Ramos was a mass shooter who killed first his grandmother after then he crashed a black SUV car outside the Texas elementary school.

Then he entered the school and started to fire. In the shooting, 19 kids and 2 adults were killed. After the incident, he was killed by one of the police agents. 

Salvador Ramos Killed 19 Children

A mass shooting occurred at the Robb Elementary School on the morning of Tuesday 24 May 2022. An 18-year-old boy, Salvador Ramos entered the school with his Assault rifle handgun and started to fire.

Approx 19 children including Xavier Lopez and Amerie Jo Garza, both 10 years old and two teachers were shot by him. Some of them died at the shooting scene and some are badly injured. 

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