Rahul Roy Unexpected Brain Stroke : Nishant Singh Malkhani, who was going for the film ‘LAC-Live The Battle‘ with Rahul Roy, told how he unexpectedly got cerebrum stroke.

Aashiqui Actor Rahul Roy Unexpected Brain Stroke :

Rahul Roy Unexpected Brain Stroke
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‘Aashiqui’ Actor Rahul Roy endured a cerebrum stroke while going for the film ‘LAC-Live The Battle’. He will have a medical procedure soon. Rahul Aphasia has an issue.

This influences an individual’s capacity to talk, compose and comprehend. Generally it happens after a head injury or stroke. Didn’t yet have the foggiest idea how he had a mind stroke.

Presently his co-star Nishant Singh Malkhani has given insights regarding it in the film “Rahul Roy Unexpected Brain Stroke”.

Rahul was fine on Monday, perhaps the impact of the climate :

Nishant Singh Malkhani (who was a hopeful of Bigg Boss 14) told in a meeting what had occurred. He told that Rahul was totally correct. On Monday, all the cast and group rested.

In any case, maybe they were influenced by the climate in light of the fact that the temperature in Kargil was – 15 degrees as of now.

Rahul abruptly began acting peculiarly :

Nishant was asked what had occurred on Tuesday, he told ETimes, on Tuesday, Rahul was not inclination well and we quickly notice that he can’t talk his discoursed.

He was not failing to remember them yet his tongue was vacillating. At that point at night we notice that he is carrying on abnormally, began glancing around and we felt that something is unquestionably off-base.

Mumbai, brought via carrier, he stated, Rahul was promptly shipped off the Military Hospital in Kargil -(Rahul Roy Unexpected Brain Stroke).

He at that point went through a CT sweep and got some answers concerning Rahul’s condition on Wednesday morning.

Nishant said that because of military assistance, Rahul was transported in a helicopter and brought to Srinagar on Thursday. He is currently going through treatment at Nanavati Hospital in Mumbai.

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