Moti Brothers Parents, Case, Reunited & more…

moti brothers

Who are Moti Brothers?

The four Moti Brothers who were kidnapped three weeks ago while their way to school, are now reunited with their parents.

moti brothers

Moti Brothers’ parents, Nazim Moti and Shakira Moti are overwhelmed by meeting their four sons after so long.

Nazim Moti is the owner of Auto Moti company. On their Facebook page, they have mentioned that they are overjoyed by seeing their four sons.

Currently, they have asked for some privacy and assured that they will soon interact with media regarding the same.

Moti Brothers Parents

Nazim Moti and Shakira Moti are the parents of the Moti Brothers who were kidnapped three weeks ago while their way to school.

Nazim Moti is a not-so-famous businessman of South Africa. But he seems a big businessman and to be very wealthy.

Nazim Moti is the owner of Auto Moti. Their business is in the industry for more than 25 years now. Their business is located in Polokwane, South Africa.

The main and foremost work of Auto Moti is to provide clients with their dream luxurious cars at an affordable price. Apart from this, they also buy and sell vintage and classic cars.

Shakira Moti, who is the mother of the Moti Brothers and wife of Nazim Moti has not shared much about her life in public. In fact, both of them keep their lives very private and low-key.

Moti Brothers Name

Nazim Moti and Shakira Moti have four children together, all sons. Their names are Zidan, Zayyad, Alan, and Zia. All of them are aged between 6-15 years old. Among them, Zia is the eldest who is 15 years old as of now.

Moti Brothers Case

Moti Brothers were on their way to school in a luxurious car with their driver when they got kidnapped. This incident happened in October, around 3 weeks ago.

The boys were kidnapped at gunpoint in Polokwane, South Africa while they were going to school. Zayyad, Zidan, Zia, and Alan were kidnapped by 7 heavily armed men who had rifles with them. They attacked and cornered their car and forcefully removed the boys from the car.

Moti Brothers Reunited their Parents

On Thursday, 11 November 2021, Moti Brothers finally reunited with their parents after three weeks long. The boys were left unharmed and they were left at the side of the road near Vuwani.

The boys’ parents shared a post on Facebook sharing the joy they had after the return of their children.

The posts read, “We thank Almighty Allah for accepting our prayers and the prayers of so many in South Africa…. We are thankful that they were set free and when we received a phone call to fetch the children we rushed to the scene full of hope.”


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