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Morgan Vague

Morgan Vague Wiki

Morgan Vague is a Biology student at Reed College of Oregon. According to reports, she has found some bacterias that can digest plastic and break it down into smaller pieces.

Morgan Vague has claimed that plastic-eating bacteria will be helpful to all living organisms because it can solve the problem that happens due to plastic.

In this article, we will see more about Morgan Vague’s personal life, parents, experiments, rumors and more…

Morgan Vague Age

Morgan Vague was born in the year 1994. She is 27 years old as of the year 2021. Her actual birth date is not revealed yet but we will soon update it. She was born in Houston, Texas.

Morgan Vague Wikipedia

Morgan Vague is not on Wikipedia yet. However, on this page, we have included all the details about her.

Morgan Vague is a biologist who is graduated from Reed College of Oregon. She was born in the year 1994 and completed her graduation in the year 2018.

Through her experiment, it is very clear that she is very passionate about microbiology and eradicating pollution problems. She has a LinkedIn profile according to which she has an interest in other passions like immunology, health care, and delivering quality patient care.

Since 2019, Morgan Vague is working as Clinical Research Coordinator Practioner.

Morgan Vague Experiment

Talking about Morgan Vague’s experiment, firstly she researched Polythene terephthalate or PET plastics. Then she started for looking microbes that can degrade plastics in water or soil.

Morgan Vague then started testing 300 strains of bacteria to obtain an enzyme called lipase that can digest plastic easily. She did this testing in Portland, Oregon.

After the experiment, she discovered that the bacteria digested the plastic and broken it into many smaller pieces.

This experiment could be really a world-changing experiment for everyone. Its result can change the world by becoming plastic-free and can reduce the dumping problem.



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