Kathy Barnette Husband (Political Commentator) Children, Wiki, Age, Mother & More

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Kathy Barnette Husband

Kathy Barnette Husband:- Kathy Barnette is an author, former armed forces reserves veteran, and political commentator on Fox News. She was the nominee for PA-04 in 2020. She is the author of Nothing To Lose, to Gain: Being Black and Conservative in America. She served for ten years in the Armed Forces Reserves. She is a former adjunct professor of Corporate Finance. 

Here we discuss, Kathy Barnette’s Husband. What is the name of Kathy Barnette’s Husband?

Kathy Barnette For United States Senate Election in Pennsylvania

Kathy Barnette is going to run for the 2022 United States Senate election in Pennsylvania. This election will be held on 8 November 2022. She has spent 358-to-1 on TV in Pennsylvania’s GOP primary for the Senate.

Kathy Barnette Husband

Kathy Barnette is a married woman but her husband’s name is not added anywhere on the internet. This couple is blessed with a daughter and a son. 

In this article, you can get all the details of Kathy Barnette Husband (Political Commentator) Children, Wiki, Age, Mother & More. 

Kathy Barnette Husband

Kathy Barnette Children

Kathy Barnette is blessed with two children but her children’s names are still not revealed by her. She has a son and a daughter. 

Kathy Barnette Wiki, Age, Biography

Kathy Barnette was born on 6 September 1971. She took birth in the United States. She is 50 years old as of 2022. She completed her high school study at one of the United States’ private high schools.

She completed her bachelor’s degree in Finance from Troy State University. She completed her MBA in Finance from Fontbonne University. She has American nationality.

Kathy Barnette Mother

Kathy Barnette was born to Mamie Jo (Mother). Kathy was raised by her single mother. Her mother was raped by a 201 years old unidentified man at the age of 12 years.

Kathy is the result of that physical assault. Kathy’s father’s identity is still mysterious. After tath incident, she was married forcefully but her marriage ended up, and called off their marriage.

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10 thoughts on “Kathy Barnette Husband (Political Commentator) Children, Wiki, Age, Mother & More

  1. Kathy Barnette (R) running in Pennsylvania is as manipulative as they come. How dare she say “in the world the left wants she never would have been born”.
    In no way shape or form would the left have any say whatsoever what her mother decided to do.!
    Pro choice is just that….a choice made by the mother and not anyone else! JUST STOP !
    If she is willing to manipulate the narrative what else will she manipulate and lie to benefit herself and not the People?

    1. I’m sure her 11 year old mother would have gotten plenty of support for her “choice” at Planned Parenthood. They target black mothers for abortions.

      1. You are absolutely 100% incorrect! You are only repeating what someone else said. It has NEVER been proven as a fact. Unless you know first hand, stop spreading lies and rhetoric!!

  2. I would have loved to support you my Sista but I can’t support anyone who can’t fight and support our own. Hopefully you understand.

    1. She’s no Sister!! My mother used to say “They may be my color but they are not my kind.”

  3. Kathy Barnette keeps almost everything important about her hiden to make it hard to investigate her so we can REALLY know about her.
    This person is really hiding some things that she absolutely don’t want the people know about her.
    That’s it for me. I don’t ever vote for people who is hiding who they really are.
    The things I do know is bad. Straight bigotry against certain people like Doctor Oz is UNEXCEPTABLE. It would be the same as me calling her a BLM BLACK MUSLIM FEMINIST just because her ancestor comes from Kenya, Africa.
    And she is doing these things and the people who is supporting her are either democrats from the Biden and Obama administration or they are the ultra extreme far far right who I never heard of before. Either one, I don’t want nothing to do with.
    So to help the conservative republican win in the GENERAL election against the crooked democrat party in November this year we need to vote for Doctor Oz.

  4. Everyone has a story. We need to look beyond the story a person tells to try to be a senator. I could tell a story that would get people to vote me in as the POTUS. That is all she did so far, tell a story. She has refused to fill in all the 50 years of blanks. Those 50 years of blanks is who she really is and we know NOTHING. And she don’t want us to know about those blanks. That’s a giant warning right there.
    People want to know what she did, where she did it, when she did it and PROOF OF IT!!! Like her military reserve, her working records, her volunteer work, people and organizations she’s been affiliated with, and a complete criminal research. We want details of these as when, where, why and how. She is like Jen Psaki when she is asked about these things. She lies deflects and/or changes the subject.
    No I will not even think about voting some one into a Senate office who isn’t FULLY VETED.

  5. This woman took part In the January 6th insurrection!, To vote left is the right thing to do.

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