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joseph rosenbaum

Who was Joseph Rosenbaum?

Joseph Rosenbaum was one of the two protestors who were killed in the heated Black Lives Matter protest. Joseph was murdered on 25 August 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He was 36 years old when he was shot dead.

Joseph Rosenbaum was killed by a 17-year teenager boy, Kyle Rittenhouse. The other man who was killed along with Joseph was Anthony Huber who was 26 years old at that time.

Who killed Joseph Rosenbaum?

According to the authorities, Joseph Rosenbaum was one of the two victims who were killed in the Black Lives Matter. They both were shot in the head by a 17-year old boy, Kyle Rittenhouse from Illinois.

joseph rosenbaum

Joseph Rosenbaum had a 3-year-old daughter when he died with his fiancé. They used to live in Texas and Joseph was about to marry his fiancé soon.

joseph rosenbaum

Joseph Rosenbaum’s friend, Adriana Gracia started a fundraiser named GoFundMe to help Joseph’s fiancé with his funeral costs.

The GoFundMe page raised around $26,409 which was $1,409 more than the goal and after that, the page was closed.

On the page, Adriana wrote, “I’m raising money to help and support my friend Jojo, who died last night in the protest of Jacob Blake.”

Kyle Rittenhouse trial

During the trial which happened on 10 November 2021, Kyle broke into tears and told the prosecutors that he held an AR-15 rifle because it looked cool and he did not intend to kill someone.

He further said, “I did not intend to kill them, I intended to stop the people who were attacking me.”

Kyle also accepted that he tried to stop the attackers forcefully but he did not know that it will kill them.


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  1. So we’re not going to mention that he was a pedophile ? He died the same way he lived, trying to put his hands on a minor.

  2. Whites had better learn that blacks aren’t capable of committing crimes, only whites. Act accordingly. Oh, by the way, Black Lesbians Matter.

  3. Kyle had good intentions with no criminal mindset. The dead were criminals, felons, and the world would be a better place without them.
    Kyle wasn’t there to hurt a sole but was prepared to survive. Every law Abiding
    Citizen needs to protect themselves and their families…. Guns aren’t enough these days. Criminals in the BLM movement need to be dealt with and not encouraged. Kyle was not a felon but the two dead criminals did some awful things to others. God gave the two to the Devil… Thanks Kyle for protecting us. You are a Hero!

  4. Most of America stands with Kyle. The people after him that night and who were burning the town
    were not average normal, or good people. They would be alive today if they had decided not to go and try to assault or kill Kyle.

  5. The fact that his girlfriend had a child with a rapist is beyond me. That disgusting vial person didn’t deserve a go fund me. Let alone a funeral.

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