Hindustani Bhau Mother Passed Away : Shocking Bigg Boss 13 Contestant News


Hindustani Bhau Mother Passed Away : Bigboss 13 contestant and you tuber vikas fatak , Hindustani bhau lost her mother yesterday. After spending several months in big boss 13 with other big boss members, he was evicted in December 2019.

Bhau spoke of his ugly fight with Sidharth and other members. He also said how his exit had been planned. he also explained how he spends time spend bigboss house, how he missing her mother. According to latest in bollywood he got evicted because he wanted to leave. He missing his mother very much and not used to staying away from her for a long time.

He takes care of her mother like she is my daughter And she would be worried because I was not well in the house. Otherwise, there is no chance that I got lesser votes than the others.”

Hindustani Bhau Mother Passed Away :

Hindustani Bhau has always been a controversial character of bigboss 13 and he said  Mahira Sharma was ‘bade hothon wali chipkali’ (lizard with fat lips), a comment that was slammed by all. Mahira Sharma's mother had said: “I am extremely disturbed with Hindustani Bhau comments. She gets very disappointed especially when he calling her daughter lizard and commenting on her lips on national TV.

Hindustani Bhau Mother Passed Away

When bhau entered into the house I am was very happy and he called my daughter her younger sister. But after some time, I just want to ask how can a brother make fun of his own sister on such a big platform just to get some footage?” He had received a fair amount of negative coverage during that time - Hindustani Bhau Mother Passed Away.

This year 2020 he again ran into controversy when his Instagram account was suspended for violating community guidelines. His account was reported by several Instagram users for, what they said, was promoting hate speech and violence.

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