Fans are Disappointed with Aly Goni’s Performance

On 29 day of Big boss 14.Luxury task is going on Big boss 14 house in which house was divided into two teams. One team was of devils which included Nikki, Eijaz and Aly while the other team was of angels which included, Abhinav, Rubina, Jaan, and Pavitra.

Fans are disappointed with Aly Goni's performance

Both teams (devils and angels ) were given certain rules and they had to follow them. Both devils and angles have to make sure that the opposite team breaks the rules Of each other.Team devil of ย Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli and Eijaz Khan went all out in the task and eventually won it.

But in this task teamย  devils gave some really dirty tasks to the angels. Aly Goni asked Nikki to make Rubina destroy her soft toy and Nikki did it and this is really bad task . However, after the task ended, Aly cleard all things with Rubina that he did not tell Nikki to do it literally but just asked her to show as if they will destroy it. We also saw how Aly screamed at his friend, Jasmin for not listening to him.

Fans are Disappointed with Aly Goni’s Performance

Fans are disappointed with Aly Goni’s performance. Fans feel that Aly Goni has cheated and showed Eijaz and Nikki in a bad light but most of the ideas were his in the task. Fans did not like the way he shouted at Jasmin and tried to control her.

They have also said that they expected a lot from Aly but he has disappointed them. Take a look at the following ย tweets here:

lag raha hai… sabki good books mein rehna hai usko#bb14

โ€” jhanavi25 (@jhanavi25) November 6, 2020