Eijaz Khan Becomes the New Captain | Big Boss 14


Eijaz Khan Becomes the New Captain

Eijaz Khan Becomes the New Captain because big boss 14 had been boring nowadays so now big boss contestants have made the show really interesting. New entries are recently entered into the house. Kavita Kaushik, Naina Singh, and Shardul Thakur entered the house. Kavita Kaushik became the captain of the house nowadays.

Bigg Boss once again gave a captaincy task. In the big boss house, all the contestants need to do is to take care of their travel bags while sitting on a bicycle and ensure that the bags are with them until the end of the task. Now, as per the latest news, Eijaz Khan has won the task and he has become the next captain after Kavita Kaushik.

Eijaz Khan came in as a strong contestant and make the show more interesting and the strongest contestants of a big boss from the first day but he could not play that well post that. However, after the seniors(Hina, Siddarth, and gauhar khan) left he did play a bit well. Now, he has become the captain of the house.

Eijaz Khan Becomes the New Captain

Eijaz Khan Becomes the New Captain

Eijaz Khan has been playing the game well now and he properly understood the game now and is using all the tactics to do so. It will be interesting to see how he will manage the captaincy. However, during this task, we also saw a big fight between Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya.

During the captaincy task, Rahul Vaidya targets Jasmin and tries to snatch her bag. Rahul pulls the bag which makes Jasmin fall off the cycle. Jasmin doesn’t take this lightly and she loses her cool. She cries and howls at how people in general have a perspective that women are considered weak.

The other contestants ask her to be calm but she does not listen. Rahul says he didn’t threaten her or anything and was just doing his task. Twitter was all filled with opinions about this big fight.

Eijaz Khan Becomes the New Captain


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