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Aruna Khilanani Wiki, Bio

Aruna Khilanani is a famous psychiatrist from New York City. Recently she made the media news headlines where she did racist comments during a talk. He said “the psychopathic problem of the white mind” during Yale University’s talk. She recently posted a video of a 50-minute talk and said She to get Yale to Make the “Whiteness” talk public.

Who is Aruna Khilanani?

Aruna Khilanani is a Psychiatrist who got famous for her lecture at Yale university child center where She was describing her Fantasies of killing white people. Her comments were racial. In her TikTok video where she shared her racial comments in her virtual meeting. This video was of 50 minutes This video was posted by a generalist named Katie Herzog. The title of the video was “The Psychopathic Problem of White mind”.

Aruna Khilana Aruna Khilananini Wiki, Biography, Age

Dr. Aruna’s age and born details are not updated yet, we update soon all the details. Her boyfriend and husband’s name we updated soon all the details. She is 40 Years old and completed her master’s from the University of Chicago.

Dr. Aruna Khilanani Ethnicity, Nationality

Dr. Aruna holds an American nationality and her ethnicity is not updated yet. She lives in New York and she was also known for Asian languages.


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Is Aruna Khilanani Married?

Dr. Aruna’s husband’s name is not updated yet, we update soon all the details. Stay connected with this page, to get more information here.

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11 thoughts on “Aruna Khilanani Wikipedia, Biography, Husband, Age, Net worth, Ethnicity, Parents & More

  1. Is this person even Black?? I don’t think so. She doesn’t look Black and has an Arab name. WTH??

    1. I was curious about her ancestry. I did a search and one website–and I don’t know how authoritative it is–said that her last name is mostly found in India. So, she probably has Indian ancestry. I don’t know if that’s an Arab name or not. It could be a name found mostly among Muslims.

      As far as her speech, if she is trying to express a point about mental health issues among non-whites because of some feelings about perceived subjugation, discrimination, disadvantage, etc., she has totally destroyed her message by wrapping it up in such violent language.

      A speech at Yale is not the place to express such rage that is better expressed on the psychoanalyst’s couch.

  2. The achievements of the white race, and I am not white, are unparalleled. The whole industrial revolution, the United Nations, the WHO and the list goes on and on. This lady cannot hold a candle to her white psychiatrist peers but has too many words of criticism. Small brain, big mouth.

    1. Small brain big mouth so true does she even know who YALE is his English American WHITE why the hell she’s in Yale a white hater and dumb enough swimming in white peoples institution she hates white jam with your own chowderheaded color ……. Btw I’m not white

      1. If you are suggesting she is somehow affiliated with Yale, I don’t believe that’s true. She was delivering a guest lecture at Yale.

  3. The shape of her face, the length of her hair and the size of her nose clearly show that Aruna Khilanani IS a white person.
    This is another case of the self-loathing left being mired in their own ignorance..

  4. She needs to be locked up at the very least her teaching and license to practice taken away. This woman is deranged and a danger to whites physically and mentally to all who hear her hatred.

    1. Give her a chance to explain. Her words might have come out the wrong way, or been taken out of context. Misunderstandings do happen. But if she really meant it about shooting ANYBODY, her license needs to be lifted. Letting someone with such hate be in charge of human welfare is like letting a kleptomaniac watch the cash register.

  5. Dr aruna khilanani should be brought before the Medical Governing Board for severe reproof of her medical mispractice at Yale.

  6. Shameful!
    She should NEVER be allowed to address a student body or children EVER again.
    I’m disappointed in Yale for not admonishing her and making a VERY public statement condemning her diatribe.

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