Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies Are Harming the Brain; Against Hindu Movies


Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies : A teacher at IIM Ahmedabad has explored that Bollywood films are harming the psyches of individuals against Hindu and Sikhism.

So has Indian film become a weapon of strict fundamentalists.

Against Hindu ; Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies :

Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies

The holiness of the sanctuary was abused in a film delivered on Netflix. This isn’t the main occurrence to offend  of Hindus in films. This culture has gotten like one in Bollywood.

Substance of movies are made enemy of Hindu for differentiation or deliberateness – “Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies”.

Examination Uncovers Against Hindu Intrigue :

A teacher at the Indian Institute of Management in Ahmedabad, IIM, did an examination and uncovered that Bollywood films are easing back the brains of individuals against Hindu and Sikhism.

Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies 01

In the Sutable Boy delivered on Netflix, in the event that there was an endeavor to hurt the pride of a sanctuary, at that point there were likewise inquiries regarding another film Ludo delivered on Netflix.

In this film, four stories were strung into one, yet Anurag Basu opened the canal of his enemy of Hindu speculation here as well – Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies.

To target Hindu religion and culture, Anurag Basu called the Pandavas wrong and the Kauravas right, while the types of Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh were likewise derided.

This Says IIM Professor’s Research :

As per an exploration :

  1. 58% of degenerate legislators in Bollywood films are appeared as Brahmins
  2. 62% of the movies indicated an exploitative financial specialist with a vaishya family name
  3. 74% percent of Sikh characters in films were ridiculed
  4. When it comes to indicating irreverence to a lady, 78 percent of the time her name is Christian.
  5. In 84 percent of the movies, Muslim characters are demonstrated to be earnest, trusting in religion, regardless of whether a Muslim is a scalawag, he makes certain of the standards.

Film Industry In Possession Of Fanatics :

Generally speaking, a specific group in Bollywood is taking a shot at this, they are certain that on the off chance that they question Hindu culture, at that point clearly the Liberal Sanatan Samaj won’t stand them in the dock.

Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies 02

While the Muslim people group causes an uproar just when a sketch of Prophet Mohammad is made. This is the motivation behind why a few movies have seen one-sided mentality towards Hinduism.

It is accepted that a large portion of the Faisa in the Mumbai entertainment world comes from the hidden world and the Muslim hidden world is overwhelmed by the hidden world, so the movies here are easing back against Hindutva in the brains of individuals.

When Will Propaganda Against Sanatan Dharma Stop?

Indian way of thinking talks about Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam and Sarvadharma Sambhav, Hindustan sees all religions similarly, yet a few people living in India and eating in India have a plan. Under which a mission is being run against the Hindus.

This is the motivation behind why a comparative purposeful publicity is going on in films even today – (Anti Hindu Bollywood Movies).

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